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UPDATE: The township will reopen on Friday , May 1, 2020.

Staff will continue to answer all township emails and voicemails. Do not hesitate to leave a message.
We hope to return to normalcy soon. Stay safe!!

Medical Assistance

Call General Assistance at 630-231-7173 for information on medical assistance.

If you are uninsured and struggling to pay for medications, the DuPage Dispensary of Hope may be able to help.

The DuPage Dispensary of Hope is a free pharmacy program. If you are low income and uninsured, including Access DuPage members, some or all of your medications may be available for free through the Wheaton based location. The DuPage Health Coalition is partnering with DuPage County to offer this service free of charge to those who qualify. You must have a valid prescription and meet program guidelines to receive medication.

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