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Permits and Bonds

Your neighbor or your contractor may tell you that "unincorporated residents don't need a permit". This is FALSE!

Nearly all building projects and improvements to unincorporated Wayne Township properties require a permit from DuPage County. Most also require an "Entrance Bond" from the Road District. Failure to obtain a permit and/or an Entrance Bond can lead to fines and removal of illegal improvements at your expense.

Although some contractors acquire permits/bonds as part of their service to you, the RESIDENT is legally responsible for meeting permit and Entrance Bond requirements.

If your contractor is acquiring the Entrance Bond, they should NOT charge you for the cost of the bond as the Entrance Bond is fully refundable.

Before hiring a contractor or starting your project, call:

Wayne Township Road District (630) 231-4923
DuPage County's Building Permitting (630) 407-6700

or visit the DuPage County's Building Permitting home page by clicking on the icon below.


Both offices will be happy to explain the requirements for your project.

Should I get the permit or the Entrance Bond first? The Road District is your "First Stop". DuPage County will not issue your building permit until you have obtained an Entrance Bond from the Road District. So, visit us first to save yourself a trip.

What is an Entrance Bond? An Entrance Bond is a monetary deposit against potential damages to public property. If public property is damaged during work on your project or design requirements are not met, the deposit will be withheld. By requiring this deposit, we are protecting the taxpayers from paying for contractor damage.

Is an Entrance Bond always required? An Entrance Bond is mandatory for projects on unincorporated properties in Wayne Township that are adjacent to (border) a township road. If your property borders only a state, county, or municipal roadway, we will "waive" the Entrance Bond requirement. But, you will need written proof of our waiver to obtain your county building permit, so you still have to visit the Road District.