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WAYS Newsletter

WAYS' newsletter has information on counseling, tutoring, youth activities, and so much more!

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Electronics Recycling
at the Township
Saturday, May 8

Recycle electronics, cables, exercise equipment, cameras, metal, TVs, computers, power tools, appliances... Fees apply for some items.

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Retiring Your
Tattered American Flag

The Wayne Township Supervisor's Office accepts tattered American Flags for retirement.  American flags deserved to be retired with the respect and gravity that it is entitled. The retirement of an American flag is a time-honored tradition and one that carries a great significance. The township turns all flags over to the local VFW, ensuring that the traditions and ceremony are utilized in the flag's retirement.

Food Pantry Donations

In DuPage County, 1 in 6 children go to bed hungry every night.  Partner with us to increase our capacity to distribute more fresh produce, meat and dairy products.  Transform lives by giving a little to make a big impact!

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