WayneTwp: Winter Operations FAQ

Winter Operations FAQ

Why did you plow in my driveway?
Plowing snow means pushing it to the sides of the roadway. There is no other place we can move it to quickly and safely. This means some of it is going to end up at the end of your driveway. It is impossible to plow snow without this happening.

As described in "WTRD Snow/Ice Removal Operations", our plows may travel down your street two or more times during a snow event. If you clear the end of your driveway between cycles, new snow will be deposited at the end of your driveway. We understand it is frustrating, but, we have to clear the roadways for safe travel.

Why do you push snow into my yard?
This question usually originates from residents on dead-ends or cul-de-sacs. These street terminals present challenges for snow plowing not present on typical roadways. The circular design of cul-de-sacs and the presence of driveways and mailboxes limit where snow can be pushed. The parkway in front of your home is the optimum place for us to push the snow when we clear the dead-end or cul-de-sac.

Why can't I blow/plow/shovel my driveway snow into the street?
There are two reasons. First, it is illegal, because it creates a driving hazard for others. Second, it is ultimately self-defeating as any snow in the roadway is just going to end up back at the end of your driveway (see above).

Most of the homes in unincorporated Wayne Township have long driveways. Please blow/plow/shovel your driveway snow to the sides of your driveway.

Why did your snow plow hit my mailbox?
We probably didn't. This happens much less frequently than you think. Plowing snow to clear roadways doesn't require that our drivers get close enough to your mailbox to physically strike it. In the vast majority of cases, the damage was caused by another motorist sliding into it or by a private snow-plowing contractor or a weak mailbox that can't endure the heavy snow being plowed off the streets.

Accidents do happen, and when we are at fault, our drivers report them to our office. If we are at fault, we will provide a temporary mailbox (if needed) or perform a repair after the storm. If a replacement is required, we will install a US Postal Service standard one-piece mailbox at our expense. Replacement may be delayed until weather conditions permit proper installation.

The Township will not be responsible for damage to improperly installed mailboxes or to boxes damaged by thrown snow. Properly installed mailboxes require the box to be securely attached to a strong post with the face of the box a minimum distance of 8"inches behind edge of road or curb. Please check the USPS web site for more info on mailbox installation.

When does the Snow Route parking ban take effect?
The parking ban is in effect after two inches of snow have fallen in the area and continues until all WTRD winter operations for the storm have ended.

Is my street a Snow Route?
All Wayne Township streets and roads are Snow Routes.