WayneTwp: Permits and Bonds FAQ

Permits and Bonds FAQ

What if I have more than one project?
Multiple projects can be included on one bond. The bond amount will equal the highest of the applicable amounts for the types of projects involved.

It's best to tell us of all your projects. If you add another project after getting a bond, a separate bond will be required for the added project.

My project involves commercial, industrial, institutional, utility or multi-family construction. Do I need an Entrance Bond?

Yes. The bond requirements for non-residential projects and residential projects of more than four units are based on the "build out" site plan. In addition, a "letter of credit" or "performance bond" may be required. Call to arrange a meeting with the Road District on these types of projects.

Do you accept cash or credit card payment?

No. A personal or business check is required and cashed within two business days. NSF ("bounced") checks revoke your Entrance Bond and also require you to pay a fee to reimburse the Road District's bank charges. If you bounce a bond check, you will be required to provide a "certified check" to renew your bond.

Does the contractor have to be licensed and/or insured?

DuPage County requires many contractors to be licensed and insured, please call them at (630) 407-6700 for more information.

The Road District requires that contractors be insured. For projects with a bond requirement of $500 or higher, the contractor must provide a copy of their ACORD 25/Certificate of Insurance to the Road District before the bond is issued.

How do I get my Entrance Bond refund?

Assuming no damage was caused to public property during your project, the Entrance Bond is fully refundable. However, we must have proof that work is complete before a property damage inspection is scheduled.

Your proof of project completion is the "Final Inspection" approval sticker issued by DuPage County. When this is supplied to us, we will perform an inspection of the township right-of-way adjacent to your property. All projects included in the bond must be completed before the inspection. We do not issue partial refunds. If all is well, we will issue your refund check within ten business days.

Have other questions?

If your question was not answered or you need more detailed information, please call the Wayne Township Road District at 630-231-4923. Please note there are times when the administrative staff is temporarily out of the office.