WayneTwp: Notes from the Assessor

Notes from the Assessor

From the August / September 2017 Senior Center Newsletter:

2017 Assessments
My staff and I are currently working on the 2017 Assessments. Because the real estate market has continued to improve for the past three years, most assessed values in Wayne Township will increase approximately 4.7% for 2017.

When we complete the 2017 assessments this fall, the equalization notice will be published in the Examiner newspapers, and the 30-day assessment appeal period will begin. Appeals are based on either market value or lack of uniformity with similar properties. For questions about your assessment, please call my office.

Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Exemption
Because assessed valuations have increased for the past three years after many years of decline, applicants for the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Exemption will continue to see increased relief on their tax bills. As an applicant’s assessed value continues to increase each year above the base year assessment, the amount of the exemption, and the tax savings, grows.

As a reminder, to qualify for the Senior Freeze Exemption for 2017 (taxes payable 2018), you must have owned and occupied the property on both January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2017, and have at total 2016 household income of $55,000 or less.

If you have not yet applied for the Senior Freeze Exemption for 2017, please apply at my office before the October 1st deadline. Please bring your 2016 U.S. 1040 and SSA-1099 forms.

Michael E. Musson
Wayne Township Assessor

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