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Resident FAQs

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Building FAQs for Unincorporated Residents

Frequently asked questions regarding building permits in the UNINCORPORATED areas of DuPage County.

document (PDF) | Website  |  

posted Aug-7-14 updated Mar-25-21

Coyote Information

document (PDF) | more  

posted Nov-7-12 updated Feb-4-15

Free Legal Services

Prairie State Legal Services offers free legal services for low income persons, persons with disabilities and persons over 60 who have serious civil legal problems and need legal help to solve them.


posted Aug-13-08 updated Jul-1-14

Recycling Resources

SCARCE stands for: School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education. The SCARCE mission is to:

Inspire people, through education, to preserve & care for the Earth's natural resources, while working to build sustainable communities.

Website  | more  

posted Jun-3-14 updated Mar-25-21

RX Drop Box and Sharps Disposal

Reduce the amount of unused and expired medications in your household, and dispose of them in a way that is safe for the environment.

Website  | more  

posted Apr-9-15 updated Mar-25-21

Septic System Care and Maintenance

The majority of private sewage disposal systems in DuPage County consist of a septic tank and a septic field. The septic tank removes solids from household wastewater. After the wastewater exits the tank it flows under the ground through a series of pipes to the gravel filled trenches of the septic field. Proper maintenance of a septic tank is important to the proper functioning of the septic field. 

Website  | more  

posted Jan-29-14 updated Sep-16-20

Township Border Lines

Approximate Township Border Lines


posted Jan-17-12 updated Feb-4-15

Waster Haulers for Unincorporated Wayne Township


posted May-25-17 updated Aug-17-18

Zoning FAQs for Unincorporated Residents

Frequently asked questions regarding zoning regulations for the UNINCORPORATED areas of DuPage County.

document (PDF) | Website  |  

posted Jan-19-12 updated Aug-7-14