WayneTwp: Brush Pickup

NOTICE: From now on, please use the WEST driveway to ENTER and the EAST driveway to EXIT. This means if you want to travel west on North Avenue, you will have to go to the stop light at Kuhn and make a U-turn; you will no longer be able to pull into the island to turn left onto North Avenue.

Brush Pickup

It is important that residents in unicorporated areas follow these guidelines to ensure proper collection of brush.

2019 Brush Pickup Program
This program is for disposal of tree prunings. Arborists reccommend pruning in the Spring and Fall. Summer pruning creates stress on the tree and weakens the tree's natural immunity to insects, disease and drought. Based on these recommendations, we collect brush only in April, June, July, September and October.

If you hire a landscaper to prune your trees, please inform them of program rules as well. You are legally responsible for following the program rules.

If you are having a tree removed from your property, you are legally responsible for disposing of the tree. This program is NOT for tree removal.

Please do NOT place brush piles on vacant lots, or create "neighborhood" or "block" piles. Our contractor is prohibited from collecting at vacant lots and oversized piles.

Contact your waste collector to dispose of excess brush or items we don't collect (see below). Some companies include brush collection in their "pay one price" service, so you may already be paying for this service.

Brush Collection Dates (entire week):

  • April 22
  • June 10
  • July 22
  • September 9
  • October 21

Program Rules

  • Unincorporated Residences Only
  • Brush Only - No trunks, logs, roots, yard waste or debris.
  • One Pile per Residence - Maximum pile size: 20 ft long by 5 ft high by 5 ft deep
  • Pile Location - Place near your driveway at least 5 ft back from roadway edge