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NOTICE: From now on, please use the WEST driveway to ENTER and the EAST driveway to EXIT. This means if you want to travel west on North Avenue, you will have to go to the stop light at Kuhn and make a U-turn; you will no longer be able to pull into the island to turn left onto North Avenue.

The General Assistance Department offers a number of programs designed to help township residents when they experience financial hardship.

Applicants must meet guidelines in order to qualify. The General Assistance staff can help you determine your eligibility for specific programs.

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Financial Assistance
Food & Clothing

Want to help? The work of the General Assistance department could not be accomplished without the generous help of volunteers and donors. See how you can help.

General Assistance

Office Location:
27W031 North Avenue
West Chicago IL 60185
General Assistance entrance is at south end of building
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Office Hours:
9:00 am - 2:00 pm (M-F)

Phone: 630-231-7173
Fax: 630-231-7910

Juanita Martinez, Director