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DuPage County Sheriff Seniors/Disabled Programs


Listed below are a few programs offered to seniors and the disabled by the DuPage County Sheriff's Office.

The Cell Link program provides cellular telephones to senior citizens who may not have the funds or need to purchase one. The phones are programmed to dial only 911 and cannot make or receive any other calls. All cellular 911 calls are received at the Sheriff’s Office. Applicants for the program must be 62 years of age or older, OR younger than 62 but have physical or mental disability AND not own a cellular phone. To apply for Cell Link you may call the Community Resource Unit at 630-407-2317.

Guardian is a computerized phone system that calls registered members on prearranged days and times to verify that they are okay. If the member does not respond to the telephone call by entering a four-digit code on their telephone an alarm sounds and a police dispatcher will attempt to reach the member via telephone. If still unsuccessful, a previously designated neighbor or family member will be contacted. If the emergency contact cannot be reached, a deputy will be sent to the member's home to make sure everything is okay. Guardian is available to DuPage County residents who are over the age of 62 or physically or mentally disabled and live alone. To register for the Guardian program call the Sheriff's Office to have an application mailed to you or pick up an application at the Sheriff's Office, 501 North County Farm Rd., Wheaton. 

S.P.A.R.R. (Sheriff’s Program for At-Risk Residents)
This program is designed to assist residents of DuPage County who may be at greater risk of becoming confused, lost, disoriented or missing. The program provides the Sheriff's Office with the at risk resident's relevant information prior to an emergency. You or your loved one will be asked a series of important questions that you will need to answer. The key to the program is the use of information you provide regarding your loved one. The information is stored in a data base that is maintained and accessed in case of an emergency. Eligibility for the program ranges from infant to elderly and special needs to Alzheimer's. To register for the S.P.A.R.R. program call the Sheriff's Office. You must be a legal guardian or have power attorney to register a loved one.

Contact/Organization Information

Organization Name:
DuPage County Sheriff
501 North County Farm Rd
Wheaton IL 60187

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