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Food Pantry Donations

In DuPage County, 1 in 6 children go to bed hungry every night.  Partner with us to increase our capacity to distribute more fresh produce, meat and dairy products.  Transform lives by giving a little to make a big impact!

Donate via Paypal below:

Join Weight Watchers at the Senior Center!

Now is the perfect time to join Weight Watchers at the Senior Center; they meet Wednesdays, 9:00am - 9:45am.

The WW group has lost a combined total of 632.2 pounds year-to-date 2019 with a program total weight loss over the years of 3,2017 pounds.

A new series starts in February; you can join at any time. However, to receive a discount for the new series, you must register before February 1.

Call Karen at the Senior Center for details: 630-231-7155.

Myths About Town and Township Consolidation

The town and township form of government has recently come under attack as some state legislatures threaten to merge their functions with cities and counties. According to this “bigger-is-better” theory of government, larger local governments are more efficient than smaller ones. Proponents of eliminating towns and townships promise lower taxes and reduced spending by reducing duplication of services and cutting payroll expenses. In fact, local government consolidations have generally resulted in higher taxes and more spending.

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