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Cell Phone and Texting Laws

A law prohibiting driving while using handheld cell phones and similar electronic communications devices went into effect Jan. 1, 2014. This law amended the existing Illinois text messaging and driving law to include handheld cell phones and similar devices.

Fines for first offenses are set at $75. For subsequent violations the fines are $100, $125 and $150. 

Current prohibitions:

  • Drivers 18 and younger are prohibited from using wireless phones while driving — with or without hands-free devices.
  • All drivers prohibited from text messaging and related activities such as emailing and Internet use.
  • All drivers prohibited from use of handheld electronic communications devices. Effective Jan. 1, 2014.
  • Motorists prohibited from use of cellular phones in school speed zones and construction/road maintenance zones.
  • Within 500 feet of an emergency scene, cell phone use and taking of photos or videos on wireless devices prohibited.
  • In Chicago, all drivers talking on mobile phones must use hands-free devices. Text messaging prohibited while driving. Fines: $100-$500.
  • At least 70 other municipalities have their own handheld cell phone laws. They include Highland Park, Winnetka, Evanston and Deerfield.

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